humpback whales in love

April 16, 2008


humpback whales hugging and breaching

here is an embroidery i made a few years back but just got around to scanning. i made it for my lady at the time while i was away for much too long on tour. it was sort of like being away at sea.

not a whole lot is known about whale mating habits. there’s breaching, singing, tail slapping, and sometimes when things are further along i suppose pairs will do these spectacular hugging tandem breaches. i need to go on a whale watch soon. i’ve been talking about it for five years.


2 Responses to “humpback whales in love”

  1. This might be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. If somebody embroidered me hugging whales I’d think he was the most clever, endearing person in the world.

    It’s lovely!

  2. shawncreeden said

    thank you!

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