bat embroideries

May 5, 2008

bat skeleton embroidery


here are two embroideries from my solo show, Hollow Face, Hand Wing, which was hosted by the Curiosity Shoppe last october out in san francisco.


bat embroidery


i just found the cd with all the scans on it so i’ll be updating my website with all those drawings and photos of the bat forest installation in the next week or so. you can see Lauren’s photos from the opening (which was also the grand opening of the shoppe!) and also from the live bat presentation that we organized a few days later with Monique and Karen from the California Bat Conservation Fund


hollow face, hand wing opening at the curiosity shoppe


stuffed fruit bat sculptures

rodriguez fruit bat sculptures

minds blown at the live bat presentation

cherub the pallid bat

me holding little yuma bat

i am so psyched to be holding that yuma bat.
it weighs less than a nickel and can eat over 600 mosquitoes in one night.
that is beyond my comprehension.

see the drawings from the show here


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