spring at the bronx zoo

June 1, 2008

before i left to come out here to portland oregon i stopped by up at the bronx zoo. i rode the asian monorail twice (the ride had been closed for the winter but is now operational again), came so close to getting a camel ride, and investigated the new changes to the jungleworld building.

well, right off the bat i was a little saddened to find that the binturong, which i had nicknamed russle because of his heightened activity level as of late (rustling around on the ground and on his branches), is no longer lounging about in his comfy, leaf-lined nests in the first room. i’m not sure what has happened to him, but he had a good thing going there and i hope wherever he is it’s nice. i will miss his lazy ways.


the binturong at the bronx zoo


i guess he is being replaced with the small clawed otters that used to hang out in with the sureli. i thought that was a good match up because the sureli like to just sit and look around all day and i felt like the boisterous otters gave them something to watch besides gawking humans.


red sureli monkeys at the bronx zoo


aside from some new labels featuring watercolors by deborah ross (who is basically my idol and living my dream), things seemed pretty much the same in jungleworld. the building had been closed to the public for a little while earlier in the spring, and i was expecting some more drastic renovations. maybe it was just behind the scenes stuff.

there is at least one new baby silver leaf monkey, and the two little ones from last year are still causing trouble, jumping on the other monkey’s heads. 


silver leaf monkeys at the bronx zoo


everything looked as usual in the tapir habitat. i didn’t see the gibbons as much as usual but they were there and so was the little sand piper guy and the prevost’s squirrel. twice in the past i’ve seen them grooming the tapir and eating little bugs off of him, which is what’s going on in this drawing.


white-cheeked gibbons and malayan tapir at the bronx zoo


that’s about all i saw while i was there. i rode the skyfari by myself and then had to leave to make it to union sq for the wrestlers and wildlife release.

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