pablo’s place

August 8, 2008


pablo, the tamandua who lives at the central park zoo just got an upgrade to some new living quarters. he’s taken over what i think used to be a bird or small primate habitat at the entrance to the rainforest building. today is the 20th anniversary of the NYZS taking control of the central park zoo, and this is pablo’s first day in the new digs. the docent said he was pretty active this morning checking things out, but by the time i got there he was comfortably settled atop the highest point in the joint. 



so i walked around for a little while, things are pretty lush in the rainforest, hard to see things. but i did see these three guys all sitting together. 


time for a close up.



saw one of the snow monkey’s catch a dragonfly and eat it. red panda strolling about, penguins being fed. then i stopped back by pablo before i left. i ended up sitting there watching him for an hour and a half and about 45 minutes in he got up to stretch his legs before curling back up for good. 



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