i love the prospect park zoo. the discovery trail is one of my favorite things in brooklyn.


see you later kangaroos


so long pallas cats and your adorable faces


and they finally moved the great horned owl into a place where you can see it. it used to be hidden behind the red-tailed hawk on the discovery trail, now he’s in the animal lifestyles building where the little screech owls used to be.

here are some pictures from my last visits to the ny zoos. i left new york a few days ago, i’m moving out to portland oregon. i will miss all these animals greatly.

the bronx zoo:


andean condor ripping apart a rabbit



matschie’s tree kangaroo eating a carrot.


small clawed otter family


first time ever seeing the tapir in the water.


tapir being groomed by the gibbons again.


some zoo babies, rhim gazelle


and sea lion. this little guy/gal is such a rambunctious rascal. and he makes the cutest noises mimicking the adults.


the always serene baboon reserve.


one of my absolute favorite things at the BZ is the skyfari.


the lioness was out and about, which is not something i’ve seen often. usually i just
hear her in the night quarters.


new black lemurs in the children’s zoo where the ring-tails used to be.


fennec foxes


rowdy goats


jess in the congo gorilla forest


wolf’s monkey


in the new madagascar exhibit, coquerel’s sifaka


nile crocodiles


day gecko


ring-tailed lemurs. this is a great looking habitat for them. lots of things to explore, climb on and
scent mark.


very sleek and active ring-tailed mongoose


finally, after 4 or 5 visits i get a good solid look at the fossas. they were out and about and interacting with each other. mother and daughter.

(i need to figure out how to mute the audio on these videos)

a total dream come true.


red ruffed lemurs chillin


at the world of birds i LOVE the bee-eater buffet that happens at 2:45pm. some keepers are more theatrical and informative than others.


this guy was singing to his lady friend but people kept interrupting him and mocking him. other people are the worst part of going to the zoo. but his song is still great.


and finally, before i left the BZ i needed to try to get some pictures of the cloud rats in the world of darkness. these guys are so little known and elusive. they are barely mentioned in any of the animal books i own and there aren’t any really good pictures online. there are at least five of them in the WOD and they were being very active while i was there.


my zoo membership doesn’t run out until the end of november, so hopefully i can come back soon. i didn’t get to make it to the aquarium or the queens zoo before i left.