october embroideries

October 23, 2008

need to do more work.



and for a show at the AG Gallery back in brooklyn in november:


October 23, 2008

went pumpkin patching at the roloff family farm this weekend. this farm is run by the family from that tv show little people, big world. it was crowded and though the pumpkins did look cool (various stages of green/orange) in retrospect they were expensive. but it was fun and there were all these hilarious hand painted signs with the pumpkins saying funny stuff and pathetically begging you the visitor to pick them. this was our favorite.




then there was this “zootica” part, which was basically a little shed with a tortoise and this little “chocolate” skunk named dagwood out front.



some guinea pigs


sleeping ferrets


this jumpy lizard


then as we were leaving this woman was walking around with two pythons on her. she was talking about them and i touched them. she was barely paying attention to them, and one was very curious about all the small child faces. this was going on behind the woman’s back.


my pumpkin cost $4.20. not sure what to carve.

westward expansion

October 1, 2008

here are some things i saw during my drive out to portland from ny. in chronological order:

this guy was driving a 18 wheeler


fast forward all the way to the BADLANDS


saw some tracks on the hills, then rounded a bend and saw these! almost wrecked the van pulling over.


my first wild prairie dog town, complete with hunting hawk


normally i’m not into the “jackelope”, but this one was next level. the “flying jackelope” at wall drug.


many many pronghorns all over the landscape.