finches first visit to feeder

January 26, 2009


so two weeks ago i put up a tower feeder in the bamboo outside my house (no activity) and a suet feeder on our front porch. joel had said he saw a scrub jay pecking at it last week, and then the next day i saw a single squawking jay come down and take a big bite and fly away. i waited for him  to come back for a picture but he didn’t. other than that nothing. i had also just bought some new binoculars last week and just like that it seemed that all the wildlife had left our block entirely.



just missed the scrub jay.


so yesterday i am sitting in our front room, with the big window facing south and the afternoon sun shining. i see some shadows flittering on the wall, and i look through the blind and see the feeder SWARMING with little yellow-brown finches bushtits (1/30 – just figured this one out ). 




i could open my front door without scaring them and this gives me a great view. 




so psyched!

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