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august drawings

August 26, 2008

so as i’m about to leave nyc for a while, i’m scrambling to try to make drawings of all the animals i’ve spent so much time with in the past year. here are some drawings i’ve made in the past few weeks.

mostly everyone likes to just sleep. and i don’t mind at all because then they are still and i can draw them. like these cougars at the oregon zoo. 


red-ruffed lemurs in the new bronx madagascar exhibit.


pablo the tamandua from the central park zoo on his new perch.


one of the red pandas at the central park zoo


the mother gibbon at the bronx zoo’s jungleworld, i have her name written down somewhere…


two gray titi monkey’s in the bronx zoo’s primate house.


a pygmy marmoset scratches it’s little leg at the woodland park zoo, seattle.


a turkey vulture at the woodland park zoo


although my favorite porcupines are the one’s at the prospect park zoo, this guy was hunkered down in a corner and only i could see him while a keeper cleaned his enclosure. woodland park zoo.


a common wallaroo and a kookaburra from the woodland park zoo.


this spectacled owl was being harassed by rowdy crows at the woodland park zoo.


and here are some animals i haven’t seen yet, but wished i had slash hope to in the near future.

a great grey owl


jamaican fruit bat


yellow handed titi monkey


big-eared bat


all these are available to a good home, if you like one get in touch, shawncreeden (a) gmail


April 14, 2008

For my first post here are some mole drawings i made for the inaugural issue of a zine that my friends and i are doing called Expensive Shit (For Wealthy People). the theme for the issue was “subterranean”.  


golden mole


hairy-tailed mole


star-nosed mole


european mole


the next issue of ES(FWP), tentatively and tantilizingly titled “Young Us” will be out june 20th. send us a note: esfwpzine at gmail dot com