December 6, 2010

this past summer while i was on the east coast i saw my first ever porcupine in the wild. i’ve been looking for a couple years now and i’ve seen them dead on he side of the road. then driving back from my sister’s house i saw this guy and followed him into the woods a bit.

Pika sightings

June 7, 2009

i thought i’d have to go deep into the wilderness to see these guys. but nope, just 35 minutes outside portland.

feeding nayla

March 21, 2009

my new friend carli works at the oregon zoo and was able to take me back to this area where they train animals for educational demonstrations and the wild animal stage show. i got to see the newly arrived eurasian eagle owl and also to feed a little food nugget to this amazing prehensile-tailed porcupine named Nayla. made my month.