Spring Visitors

April 2, 2009

seeing some new faces around the neighborhood the past few days.

american goldfinches in the backyard.









and this mysterious hummingbird. i am positive i saw a female rufous hummingbird the other morning, but it was hard to see the reddish feathers in the overcast light today. so i’m not sure if she’s a rufous or a black-chinned hummingbird. either way, i’m psyched that she’s becoming a regular visitor.







and here’s gram parsons’ great version of the richie havens tune “high flyin’ bird”

Birds of 1907

February 21, 2009

here’s my newest book! hot off the presses. 




for Ashen Ledger #003 i made drawings of the birds that i watch from my windows and porch here in portland. 1907 is my address. 
Birds of 1907 contains 9 new drawings, 5.5″x4.25″, b&w, and it folds out into an 11″x17″ poster. 


pick one up today! HERE.

bathroom window #1

January 9, 2009

squirrel on back porch


my bathroom window is my new favorite spot to view the nature around my house. it is on the second floor and faces north. today it was pretty clear, especially to the east. i could see mountains in the distance. to the west forest park was obscured slightly by fog. i noticed a scrub jay and some little sparrows in a neighbor’s tree, and a cat in the window.

i watched this little squirrel dig in thesoft dirt next door that is covered with hideous orange paint flakes from the walls of the house that is being renovated. he found a nut or something and took it up the tree to his perch. after that he hopped in front of the cat at the window and then came over to our porch to sniff around and eat some scraps (i throw food scraps in the “compost heap” that is our backyard. THERE ARE NO RATS HERE IN PORTLAND). while he was doing that i got my camera and came back and took a few pics. then he climbed up the tree to within a meter or two from me and i took this video.



i also just bought a suet feeder and some seed for an old tower feeder i found. this one is sort of hidden in some bamboo right outside our window, which i think makes a great hidden spot for some little songbirds to come snack, but it will probably take forever for them to find it. the suet is out on our front porch. hopefully i’ll have some birds stopping by soon.


bird feeder in bamboo